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Daily questions: 1 Reading, 2 Vocabulary, 2 Grammar, 1 Math.  These online daily quizzes  teach students how to cultivate close reading, engage in careful analysis, obtain grammar proficiency, and enhance mathematical literacy: these skills are necessary for success in school and on standardized tests. Research shows the optimal approach to learning foundational skills entails short, frequent practice coupled with immediate feedback.  For more information about the High School Daily Quiz  http://www.wilsonprep.com

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once per month class designed to improve 10th grade reading/grammar/writing skills and begin early SAT/ACT verbal preparation.  10 students per class. Limited to 100 students

Cost = $475 for 8 classes (October – May)

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Guide to Grammar Cover

The Guide to Grammar by Laura Wilson

A Student Handbook for Strong Writing

Now there’s a grammar handbook for middle and high school students to easily unlock the grammar rules. It is written in friendly language and with humor, so students will be sure to visit this handbook over and over again to brush up on general grammar rules and tips. This grammar handbook takes you step-by-step through the writing conventions, including parts of speech, tenses, modifiers, punctuation, parallelism, and much more. The Guide to Grammar is perfect for students and teachers and aligns with the Common Core State Standards. Twenty-seven practice worksheets are included.

Consulting, Development, and Training

As an educational consultant, Laura regularly works with school districts, training English and history teachers on how to teach non-fiction reading strategies and how to teach grammar via students’ writing.  Laura also develops SAT and ACT courses for high schools and tutoring companies.   Email [email protected] if interested in learning more about consulting options and program development.


As an educator for over 30 years, Laura has worn many hats:  H.S. English teacher, student-teacher supervisor, ELA consultant, curriculum designer, tutor, and text-book author.

In the world of SAT and ACT test prep, few possess the breadth of experience of Laura Wilson. Before becoming a test prep expert, Laura taught English at several elite public high schools – Bronx High School of Science, Scarsdale, and Horace Greeley in Chappaqua, NY. Laura is the founder of WilsonPrep, a premier on-site and online tutoring agency in Westchester, NY.  Laura has authored numerous workbooks, including The Guide to Grammar, English in English, and Write the SAT Essay Right. She has also published 20 Literary Curriculum Guides that infuse grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills into the study of high school literary classics as well as created an online vocabulary game for middle/high school use.  In 2011, Laura founded Graph It Forward Today, a non-profit organization that donates graphing calculators and provides free test prep to students in need. 

Laura won the Smart CEO/Brava Award in 2018 and has been featured in the New York Times, Family Circle, The Today Show, CBS Miami, The Journal News, News 11 and more…

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Entice the Reader with Style

(Last Blog I wrote about Element #1: Sentence Variety) Element #2: Add Rhetorical or Thought-provoking Questions Adding a rhetorical question is a great way to add a “bang” to your introduction or body paragraphs and to push your essay to the next level.  The following essay response demonstrates how rhetorical questions can be used to… Read more »

SAT and ACT Preparation

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